Who we are

Outcome Insights is a specialised consultancy practice established in 2012 to provide project risk management and quality assurance advice, and QA reviews for large and high risk projects and programmes, in particular those classified high risk by New Zealand Treasury (and requiring Gateway and/or IQA review), initiatives delivering ICT-enabled business change, and initiatives introducing new organisational capabilities.
Outcome Insights also provides specialist advice on P3M capabilities (Project, Programme, and Portfolio Management) in organisations. Outcome Insights is New Zealand's most experienced P3M maturity assessment and capability improvement company (O-I's director is co-author of the 2014/15 international revision of the P3M3® maturity model.)
Outcome Insights is an Axelos Consulting Partner (ACP), licensed to perform certified P3M3 v3 capability maturity assessments and to provide P3M capability improvement consulting advice.

What we can say that other companies can't

  • We wrote the book on risk management in projects, literally! Award winning and academically acclaimed Project Management, Denial, and the Death Zone (JRoss Publishing 2016) presents innovative think and solutions for risk taking in high risk projects. Find the book at jrosspub.com, amazon.com, bookdepository.com or via Google to find at your favourite book website.
  • In 2017 our company principal, Grant Avery, won RiskNZs coveted Risk Management Professional of the Year 2017 award (and an Exemplar Award in 2016!)
  • In 2013 we were invited sole-source by New Zealand Treasury to pilot the latest (v3.0) release of the international project management maturity assessment model P3M3 v3.0 in New Zealand Government.
  • Our staff have completed QA reviews of major projects ($100m plus) using the Gateway Review methodology for the New Zealand Government, Australian Federal Government, and the Australian State Government of Victoria.
  • Our company was initially one of only two companies in NZ or Australia to be qualified by the GCIO to perform quality assurance of government agencies at the portfolio level.
  • Our company principal, Grant Avery, is a co-author of the international project management maturity assessment model P3M3 v3.0, and the only member of the P3M3 authoring team selected from outside the UK.

The services we offer

  • Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) of large and high risk projects, programmes, and portfolios
  • Business Case writing advice and reviews (BBC-based, and tailored)
  • Sponsor, SRO, and Steering Committees mentoring and support
  • Maturity of Capabilities assessments (using the international P3M3® )
  • PMO operation and mission reviews
  • Quality Assurance design and planning
  • Risk Management for projects (ISO31000-based)
    • Risk Appetite in projects
    • Risk workshop facilitation
  • Investment Logic Mapping (ILM)
  • Advice for CEO's and senior executives on avoiding project failure and increasing project success

Our points of difference

  • Outcome Insight's core business is the provision of specialist advice and review of projects, programs, and portfolios, and the organisations that deliver them.
  • All Outcome Insight's consultants and associates are recognised leaders in their field, possessing many years of experience.
  • Our value-add is the provision of insights on the reduction of risk, improvement of quality, and opportunities for success which exist in your organisation for your projects today.

Our past customers include

  • The Treasury
  • The State Services Commission
  • The Government CIO
  • NZ Police
  • Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)
  • KPMG
  • Deloitte
  • Aspire Europe
  • the UK Government's TSO

The certifications and experience we hold

  • Treasury-endorsed BBC (Better Business Cases) Expert Reviewer
  • Registered Consultant (RC)
  • P3M3®
  • Gateway Review Team Member
  • Gateway Review Team Leader
  • PMP®, MSP®, MB®
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